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Dozens Drown Daily

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National average response time for EMS is 13 minutes

  • Survival is reduced 10% for every minute that passes
  • Brain death begins in 4 minutes and complete in 10 minutes
  • Everyday in the US, Cardiac Arrest kills over 1000 people
  • In the US, over a couple dozen people drown everyday

“Never Forget”

Only 1/3 of the people who need it, ever receive CPR

  • 90% of people who perform CPR, do so on someone they Know
  • 87% of all persons are hesitant to perform CPR
  • 85% of Cardiac Arrests occur in the Home
  • 80% of persons that attempt CPR, perform it Incorrectly

CPR can Double or Triple the chance of survival

1 third ever
occur in home
incorrect CPR
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“When Life Depends on it, You Need a PAL